ICC Cricket World Cup History: The Winners of All Time

ICC world cup is the leading cricket tournament held every four years. The tournament is the world’s most viewed sporting event and is considered to be the most reputed and renowned tournament of international cricketing sports. It is organized by ICC (International Championship Council) and considered to be the most viewed cricket sports event.

Cricket World Cup History

The ICC World Cup History goes back to England in 1975 when the first world cup event was organized. This event is hosted separately for both men and women. Women‘s cricket world cup is held 2 years before men’s championship. There are ten ICC world cup events held until 2011. The first three editions of ICC world cup were held in England during 1975, 1979 and 1983.

If we look at the ICC World Cup History, England has till now hosted 3 competitions. ICC thought that England could only host the tournaments and it was ready to devote the resources and management required for hosting such a main event of cricket. But after 3 editions of the tournament, there has been a shift to hosting an event in other test playing nations as the popularity of cricket is growing.

ICC Cricket World Cup Rotation System

Now there is a bidding system organized by ICC which allows all the members of test playing nations to bid for hosting the World Cup. In 1987, the first time event was hosted outside England when it was being played in India and Pakistan as joint hosts. From 1987 onwards, the event is hosted between different countries under a rotation mechanism.

The same goes for ICC World Cup 2019. There were fourteen members of ICC council who can host this championship event. The finals of World Cup events are contested between 10 members of ICC test playing nations. In total, there are 19 teams which have competed for the last 11 editions of ICC tournament, and 14 competed in the last 2011 event.

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ICC Cricket World Cup Winner List

Till now, Australia holds the record of winning maximum number (5) of ICC world cup championship titles, and then there is India (2), West Indies (2) followed by Pakistan (1), Sri Lanka (1). The last championship was held in the year 2015 when finals were held between Australia and New Zealand and Australia emerged as champions of ICC world cup held Australia and New Zealand.

The best performance from the non-ICC member (non-test playing nations) came in the year 2003 when Kenya reached semifinals of the tournament. The next ICC World Cup 2023 is to be held in India.