5 Most Run Scorers in 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup (Expected)

Cricket is the game of batsmen. Though I am totally not convinced with this statement, I too believe in it. These days, most of the pitches are tailored for the batsmen leaving just a glitch for the bowlers. This is why there are only a few bowlers who can survive such pitches and emerge as a winner by outstanding bowling on these pitches.

Most Run Scorers in 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup

The expectations for the world cup are all set. We know who our favorite players are and who are expected to score the most runs in this cricket world cup. Here is the list of legendary batsmen who are expected to score most runs in this grand tournament.Highest Run Scorers in ICC Cricket world Cup 2019

Virat Kohli

The best Batsman in the World right now, Kohli is the epitome of consistency in the runs department. Over the past 4-5 years, Kohli has gone on to break many batting records and is set to be the batting mainstay for the talent Indian team at the ICC CWC 2019.

Joe Root

If England has any chance of winning the 2019 cricket world cup, then Joe Root would have to be the man to make the biggest batting contribution to the team. Root has been consistently performing with the bat and is touted as the one to really challenge Kohli for the highest run scorer at the World Cup.

Ross Taylor

Taylor has been the most in-form batsman for the New Zealanders in the past few years, even ahead of Kane Williamson and the team would be banking on him to come up goods once again as the team looks to put a serious challenge at CWC 2019. You can follow live scores of all matches online.

David Warner

As always, Australia would be looking at Warner to get them off the marks quickly in the ODI Formats with the diminutive batsman one of the most feared batsmen in the format. You can follow their matches by live streaming matches online.

Rohit Sharma

When on a song, Rohit Sharma is one of the classiest batsmen to ever grace the cricketing field. Having scored 3 double-centuries in the ODI format, Sharma has been one of the top players for India over the past few years and would be looking to play a massive role alongside Kohli as India plot a masterplan to bring the trophy back home, after winning it back in 2011.

Favorite Batsmen as Per Audience Poll
  • Virat Kohli
  • Joe Root
  • Ross Taylor
  • David Warner
  • Rohit Sharma

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