Top 5 Reasons Why MS Dhoni Took Retirement from Test Cricket

Indian cricket fans might be thinking Why MS Dhoni Took retirement from Test Cricket. This question might be troubling them. MS Dhoni is one of the epic captains of Team India, who made India proud after ex-cricketer Kapil Dev in 1983 by winning the World Cup. Under the captainship of MS Dhoni, India won the first ever T20 World Cup winner in 2007 and that too against Pakistan, which is the strongest rival for India. Dhoni also made India proud in 2011 by winning ODI World Cup 2011, which was the last world cup of Sachin Tendulkar.

Shocking Rumors About Dhoni Retirement from One Day Cricket

Now, all the Indian Cricket Fans and other followers of MS Dhoni are thinking that why Dhoni take retirement from Test Cricket. Now, the fans are also in doubt and fear that if MS Dhoni retires from ODI cricket then who will hold the responsibility to make India as the winner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The news is also coming that Dhoni might announce the retirement after ODI series before the World Cup. But, these all news is fake. If you are interested to know some reasons for the retirement of MS Dhoni from Test Cricket then read the reasons below.

Why MS Dhoni Took retirement from Test Cricket: 5 Reasons

Here are some of the reasons to justify the retirement of MS Dhoni from Test Cricket. You must have a look over them.MS Dhoni to Retire from ODI Cricket

Failure in Test matches Outside India

This is one of the strongest reasons why MS took retirement from Test Cricket. Dhoni often failed too much in leading Team India to glory outside India, especially in Test matches. The Test record of MS Dhoni does not at all complements the ODI records of MS Dhoni. India failed continuously against foreign teams in Test Cricket under the captainship of MS Dhoni.

Too Much Pressure of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The pressure of world cup 2015 might be too much on his shoulders. After making India win in World Cup 2011 held in India, people’s expectations had raised too much. Many people also think that winning in India is easy. Dhoni felt the pressure and now want to focus for preparations of ICC World Cup 2015, so as to make India the Winner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and prove the critics wrong.

Name in IPL Spot Fixing

Dhoni is a very loyal cricketer and a hard worker. He earns good money for his hard work. But, the news that he was involved in IPL spot-fixing broke him down as he was also not trusted at first. Later on, no evidence was found against him and he was released. But, this broke him too much.

Ravi Shashtri and Virat Kohli

Some sources claimed that inside Team India Virat Kohli and Ravi Shashtri are constantly making the decisions despite taking approval from the complete team. We don’t know whether this news is correct or not, but it can be a reason why he retired from Test cricket.

His Say After World Cup 2011

Dhoni said that he will take retirement from any one format of cricket after winning World Cup 2011. So, he fulfilled his words and retired from the Test Cricket.

These are some obvious sound reasons, why Dhoni might have took retirement from Test Cricket. Now, as the 15 member squad of India for Cricket World Cup 2019 had been announced, we all are ready to see a good battle.

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