Top 5 Best Commentators of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The art of keeping people engaged all the time in front of their TV sets is something that everybody can’t learn. There need to be the master elements to help the audience stick to their television sets. The same goes for cricket as well. No matter how interesting the game is going if the people doing the commentary are boring or are incapable of keeping the audience engaged, people may switch to other means.


Let Us check out the list of some of the most versatile commentators that will be mesmerizing the TV audience with their superb commentary skills. These are some of the best cricket commentators of the world who will be giving you the direct telecast of whatever is happening on the cricket field.


HarshaBhogle is perhaps one of the most iconic voices on commentary at cricketing matches. He has been doing commentary for a long time now and is easily one of the sharpest mind in the cricketing world, providing the fans with an in-depth analysis of the matches while commentating. You can also check the live scores of matches with his commentary online.


Probably, one of the most underrated commentators in recent times is Shane Warne. Warne provides some really detailed insights into a captain’s mind during live matches and we would love to see him in the box at ICC CWC 2019. You can listen to him by live streaming the matches online.

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The original Little Master, Gavaskar had made a seamless transition from playing to commentary. The icon provides the watching fans a deep insight into the game with his unparalleled knowledge of the game and would be looking to do the same at the 2019 cricket world cup as well.


Ganguly was one of the top players to ever play for India but wasn’t a natural at commentary at the start. However, the former Indian skipper has come on leaps and bounds in terms of his skills on the mic and now provides detailed analysis of the game and would be looking to do the same at the CWC 2019.

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While Pointing isn’t seen in the commentary box throughout the year, fans wait to hear the former Australian skipper on mic whenever he is available because of his ability to have engaging talks and provide expertise on the cricket match either live or during highlights. His rare ability to commentate on matches with ease is available to see to everyone clearly.