Batsmen who Hit Highest Number of Sixes in Cricket World Cup Tournament 2019

As the Cricket World Cup 2019 is happening in England, hitting sixes will be really difficult in the long boundaries of England. It will require a huge hitting power and a sheer class to make the ball reach the boundary without making it bounce. There are only a few cricketers who have this class and power to make the ball cross the boundary without a bounce.

Cricketers who Hit Maximum Sixes (6s) in ICC World Cup 2019

If you count on fingers, only a few names will strike in your mind and out of those few names, I have listed the names of 5 best cricketers who have the power to hit a maximum number of sixes in this cricketing tournament. Let’s see if they can do it or not.Cricketers with Maximum Number of Sixes Under thier Name

Chris Gayle

The West-Indies opener is the odds-on favorite to end up hitting the highest number of sixers in the CWC 2019. The flamboyant cricket is third in the all-time list of highest number of sixes hit with 265 in just 278 matches and has scored 15 sixes in just 6 matches in 2017.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit is one of the most talented batsmen to ever grace the cricket field and is the only batsman to have live scores of multiple double centuries in ODI cricket with 3. He also shares the record of hitting the most sixes in an innings (16) which he shares with Chris Gayle. He is also given a nickname – “RoHitMan Sharma”. Having hit the maximum sixes in the year 2017, Rohit is the one to watch at ICC CWC 2019.

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AB De Villers

Mr. 360, De Villiers, is another batsman to watch at the 2019 cricket world cup. With his ability to hit balls out of the park with ease, De Villiers can easily up the scoring rate for South Africa and might just end up with the record of most sixes at the WC.

David Warner

The Pocket Dynamo from Down Under is another of those top players to look out for at the CWC 2019. Warner is known to provide explosive starts to Australian innings over the years and it won’t come as a surprise to many if he ends up with most sixes in the tournament. You can also watch his matches at various online live streaming sites.

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Virat Kohli

A dark horse for the title of most six-hitter at World Cup, Indian Captain Kohli could just be the man to take home the prize with his ability to clear the boundaries at will and amazing stamina to play long innings day-in and day-out.

Popularity of Cricketers with their Capability of Hitting 6s
  • Chris Gayle
  • Rohit Sharma
  • AB De Villers
  • David Warner
  • Virat Kohli

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